Vikings and Skillshare

Another week, another silly colored pencil entry for Illustration Friday.

This week’s subject is “Viking” and there have been lots of entries based on the stereotypical horned helmets and women with long, blonde plaits. I actually did a tiny bit of research and found that the horned helmet thing is a myth. The Vikings battled by forming a wall of overlapping shields and if you wear horned helmets in that situation you are likely to gouge the taller guy next to you!

So my kitty is in a longboat, eating fish and wearing a typical Viking helmet. Yay, research!

Photo Aug 03, 11 09 49 PM

I’ve had an idea in my head for the last couple of IF challenges that I haven’t been able to manifest (I’m still fighting off the tail end of this cold, ugh), but I found a class on Skillshare that I think is going to help me get it done. What’s Skillshare, you ask? It’s a great website full of instructional videos taught by some pretty big names. And, of course, it’s not just for artists, they have classes for everythingDesign, photography, business, film, technology, fashion, music, gaming, culinary arts, writing, crafts and “lifestyle” (for every class that doesn’t fit elsewhere, I guess). Check it out. There’s lots to look at without signing up, and if you do sign up via that link you get the first 3 months for $0.99 and I get a month free. Win-win!


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