It’s a Trap!

Another week, another submission for Illustration Friday. Which is great, I’m happy that I am at least creating art once a week! This week my idea of creating a lion in a cage using layers of colored pencil drawings was much too ambitious for a busy week when I also have not been feeling well, so I scaled it waaaaay back. And didn’t tinker with it at all once it was in a completed state. This is unusual for me as I always catch things when I take a photo of my art and then edit it. This time I saw stuff, but I just didn’t have time to futz with it. Viva la mistakes… or something.

trapped_cool trapped_warm

I am still struggling with reproducing my work online. Scanning this piece didn’t work because of the 3D layers. But as you can see above, my phone could not decide how to interpret the colors. These are unfiltered pictures taken in the same spot at the same time of day with no change to the lighting!

Now I’m off to post it before the clock turns to midnight.

Viva la mistakes!


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