Friday Starts at Midnight

Have you ever heard of Illustration Friday? I have been getting their emails for over a year, always promising myself that once I put up a gallery on a website I would participate. Well, I started a blog about art. There’s a gallery here. I can do this!

Last week’s subject was Yarn and since my wife is an avid crocheter, I couldn’t wait to work something up to submit. I started a couple of digital pieces, but nothing was really clicking. Finally, I grabbed some of the supplies I recently acquired and started to draw by hand. And, I liked it. It wasn’t perfect, but I liked its imperfections. It was almost done late Thursday night so I decided to stop for the evening and finish it up and post it the next day. You know, Illustration Friday. Except…. Before I crawled into bed, I hit reload on the submissions page to see what else had come in, and suddenly there were no pictures of yarn. Apparently the subject of Yarn had been posted the previous Friday and the instructions clearly state you have one week to complete your entry. Whoops! I missed the deadline.

Here’s my poor, abandoned Yarn art:


So this week, I thought I’d try to get it done a bit earlier. And here it is Saturday and I am done already, yay! The subject is Vintage, and this is what I worked up (any feedback is welcome):



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