An Art Adventure

I’m using this blog to inspire me to create and share art every week; my very own art adventure.

I grabbed this blog name on WordPress over a year ago with the idea that I would reboot my old blog where I reviewed downloadable PC games. In fact, the “hog” in the title comes from “Hidden Object Games.”

Reviewing games was something I had done to keep me busy in the time between being downsized out of a job and deciding to go back to school. It was fun, but never really went anywhere. But it did keep me from sinking into a deep depression. Okay, a deeper depression.

Wait, I imagine you asking, what does that have to do with art?

Nothing; but I had learned that writing a blog can keep you motivated. It can keep you doing work even when there is no due date for class, no deadline for a client. Now that I am close to finishing my AA-T in Studio Art (the -T means it guarantees transfer to a state school), and I am co-mom of a 7-month old daughter, I really don’t have time or interest in telling you how cool Haunted Hotel: The Axiom Butcher is (it’s delightfully scary). But I do want to make time to make art for me. Because who are we as artists if we aren’t making art?

Eventually, I hope to put up a gallery of work. But for now, it’s just one piece of art at a time. And today, it’s recent work I did for the Sustainability Committee on campus. Original art will follow later this week!



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